omfgitslacey (omfgitslacey) wrote,


1. your smile. oh god, i love your smile.
2. we've been through some pickles but you have stuck by my side during all of it and even though i put you through so much unnecessary bullshit, FOR SOME REASON YOU STILL TALK TO ME! unbelievable.
3. you like to cuddle like no other & i fucking love it.
4. you text me cute shit that is guaranteed to make me smile.
5. uhm, you pretty much give the best massages in the whole entire world.
6. your guitar playing is heavenly. haha. but seriously. when you play guitar it makes me so happy. and you look damn sexy playing it.
7. you took me home from the bar and broke into my house for me when so much shit was going on it felt like the world was ending. how could i not love you for that.
8. i love our sexytime. :D best i've ever had.
9. you bring me food and take care of me when i'm sick.
10. after i made so many things for you, you still doubted my cooking skills until i made you pretty much the best alfredo ever andd you clearly cannot doubt your love for it :D
11. you showed up in guelph and it made my life. such an infinite night :)
12. you came to guelph with me allllllll those times. loved it.
13. you have enough to charm to win over nana which i thought was going to be impossible but apparently you're just too awesome.
14. i asked you to read perks and you diddddddd :D well. you didn't get to finish it, but yay anyways
15. you watched garden state with me even though im pretty sure you reallyyy didn't want to. :D
16. i love when you talk in your sleep. soo funny. you unconsciously kept me quite amused all those nights i couldn't sleep.
17. k, even though i get mean when you lecture me about stuff like smoking, drinking, blazing, blah blah blahh i secretly lovee it because i DO know you care. and even though it makes me mad when i do it and we get into a fight.. in the back of my mind i still know it's just 'cause you're being a sweetheart, haha.
18. i love how you get so excited when you can get dressed up. i love getting dressed up too, yet you never take me anywhere where we'd have to get dressed up, booo. you look yummy in a suit though. :D
19. you're silly and stay up until the wee hours of the night watching magic bullet commercials just like me :D
20. you're my besttt. so obviously i love you.

for now.
'cause its 4:30am. & im tired.
ily, poo!
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