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 5km more and we would have crashed?
&& you would have DIED?!
justin, when you told me that it gave me the worse feeling ever. it felt like my stomach was going to fall out of my butt. it felt like i weighed a thousand pounds. and it felt like i was all of a sudden so distant from everything else around me, i was hearing the radio in like.. echoes. i had this big hysterical cry. and i had to calm down a LOT just to be able to phone you. and i was not even calm on the phone. but it was way worse before. nothing even HAPPENED to you and thats how i react. just knowing that something very well could have happened to you is gut wrenching enough. i was so serious earlier when i said that i don't know what i'd do without you. and that i most likely wouldnt be able to function. thats exactly what would happen. just the thought of it gets me so worked up so id more than likely be SO upset by it that i would be all anti, and not be able to eat or sleep and just be a hermit for the rest of my life.
i cannot even type this without crying. it's pretty bad.
thank you an insanely huge amount for pulling over. i cannot be without my darling voice of reason. :D
i love you quite a bit and i will not be happy until i can see you. and you're pretty much going to have to pry me off of you. because i want the biggest fucking hugs and cuddles from you so badly that when i see you i'll be raping you with hugs and cuddles. can we just get married already. haha. 

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